🔥 [Planned] A desktop app for Opal 🖥️ (Mac, PC)

If I could add a suggestion for the Mac app.

I imagine there’s already a lot in the pipeline and well done to the team for getting it out.

Something that would be really great is for the app to remain open but not show in the Dock. Once the app is quit it doesn’t keep running so if you have a moment of weakness you can just quit the app. (loom keep the app running in the background and have a little icon in the top bar).

Personally I don’t like to see the app in the dock as it’s a reminder that it’s there and on and I can just turn it off. The beauty is in hiding it I think.


The biggest feature missing for the mac app for me is preventing the app from being terminated, either accidentally or to subvert the block. I’ve accidentally closed it out assuming it would stay running in the background blocking stuff.