[Planned] Block access to facebook through a browser such as safari

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it kinda worked at the start but now it isn’t blocking fb via safari. I haven’t changed abs settings and opal says it’s blocking fb… does it only do the app?

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Would also love this for accessing facebook via chrome on the phone. The new update isn’t great for me when that’s the primary way I access facebook on my phone…


thanks so much for writing @Juliana_SL . The new update is supposed to block facebook on Chrome and Safari, so it looks like there is an issue here we can fix together!

Do you mind sending us a message in-app : in the opal app, go to settings, then contact us, report a bug. That way we can get data on your specific issue and get back to you with the best solution.

Also, can you:

  • In your Session, Go a Apps Blocked
  • Select the App Group you want, then Apps
  • Expand “Social” => Make sure that m.facebook.com is selected here. This is the Facebook website.

Here is a a short screenrecording to show you how to do this:

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Hi, I am noticing a similar issue with Twitter not being blocked in a browser. News sites aren’t blocked, either. I mostly access Twitter and FB via the apps, but I access news websites mostly via browser (Firefox for iOS), so I’d love to know how to block those again. Thanks!

I had also noticed this behavior with Twitter not being blocked in mobile Safari but seems to be resolved in the past few days of use!

Hey everyone, I edited the Support Article about this for a step by step:

Not many websites (none of the distracting ones, besides Facebook) appear in my list. Maybe this is because I use Private Browsing a lot. iOS Screen Time has a way to add a URL manually for screen time limits. Would it be possible to add such a feature to Opal?