[Planned] Block access to facebook through a browser such as safari

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it kinda worked at the start but now it isn’t blocking fb via safari. I haven’t changed abs settings and opal says it’s blocking fb… does it only do the app?


Would also love this for accessing facebook via chrome on the phone. The new update isn’t great for me when that’s the primary way I access facebook on my phone…


thanks so much for writing @Juliana_SL . The new update is supposed to block facebook on Chrome and Safari, so it looks like there is an issue here we can fix together!

Do you mind sending us a message in-app : in the opal app, go to settings, then contact us, report a bug. That way we can get data on your specific issue and get back to you with the best solution.

Also, can you:

  • In your Session, Go a Apps Blocked
  • Select the App Group you want, then Apps
  • Expand “Social” => Make sure that m.facebook.com is selected here. This is the Facebook website.

Here is a a short screenrecording to show you how to do this:

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Hi, I am noticing a similar issue with Twitter not being blocked in a browser. News sites aren’t blocked, either. I mostly access Twitter and FB via the apps, but I access news websites mostly via browser (Firefox for iOS), so I’d love to know how to block those again. Thanks!

I had also noticed this behavior with Twitter not being blocked in mobile Safari but seems to be resolved in the past few days of use!

Hey everyone, I edited the Support Article about this for a step by step:

Not many websites (none of the distracting ones, besides Facebook) appear in my list. Maybe this is because I use Private Browsing a lot. iOS Screen Time has a way to add a URL manually for screen time limits. Would it be possible to add such a feature to Opal?

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