🔥 [Planned] ⏱ Time Limit / Budget use of distracting apps

Feature Requested By: Amrith Shanbhag
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Hi! Love the idea of this app and that you’re people-focused and not selling our data. I’m very specifically looking for an app that will let me set app time limits within a schedule. My issue with social media is not just that I lose track of time, but also that I have poor impulse control, so if I give myself a limit of 1 hour of Instagram a day, I’ll use it all in one sitting. I want to be able to set a schedule that says from 7a-10a, I have a 15 minute Instagram limit, and from 10a-6pm, I have a 30 minute Instagram limit. There was a website extension for chrome WasteNoTime that allows you to do this which was great for the world before smart phones, but I haven’t been able to find a solution that can do the same for apps. Do you have any intention of adding this feature or something similar? Thanks! Lara

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Comment By: Anonymous

This exact reason impulse control and everything is why I have downloaded 10 apps like Opal over the past 3 weeks. Nothing is out there for phones but you can find a bunch of stuff for Mac or PC.

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Comment By: Derek H

Looking forward to this. I had this feature in another app in android but haven’t found a similar function with iOS. It was really useful

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Comment By: Kenneth

“Truthfully the only thing I’d love to have (more of a feature idea) is to have “set” time limits for certain apps. Let’s say I have a focus block from 4p - 6p each night. I’d love to have a middle ground where I could say “I only want to be on instagram for a total of 10 mins in that 2 hour span”. Right now, to my knowledge, I can just block it and then go request a break to access IG, but would love to set a timeline on some time blocks where i’m okay with being on socials, but don’t want to be on there for hours”

Comment By: Lacy Galtere

For those of you out there using iPhones (iOS systems), if you will go to the Settings icon, then go into ‘Screen Time,’ you’ll find a statistical synopsis of how you’ve been using your time on your phone (social media, productivity apps, information & reading, etc.), as well as the specific apps (within those categories) you’ve been utilizing throughout that time period.

There’s a ‘See all activity’ option just below the graph of your weekly (day-to-day) phone usage, displayed in a general & nonspecific graph as your ‘daily usage percentage’ per 24hr period. After you click on the ‘See all activity,’ the details of what apps you’ve spent your time on are all listed below (as are the overall percentage of those categories with respect to the function they serve). You have the option to view the current day and also to view the current week’s breakdown.

Okay, so going back to the very first screen of your ‘Screen Time’ option, there are several different methods that are available to you / us, to be able to set those limits you are desiring.

Also, you have the option to set up for yourself, different ‘Focus’ times and sessions, where only certain apps are accessible to you during that specific ‘Focus’ session. It’s right there along with your ‘Do not Disturb’ times & options, and you can add as many as you like… it’s quite effective!!

Thanks friends, hope this helps!

Comment By: Lacy Galtere

<@Derek H%%user%%05e1e3fc-d93f-4769-a87f-fa58dd0a572c> <@Kenneth%%user%%dc80cb21-78fb-4447-9e30-1f8127723799> see my above info, friends!! Hope it helps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Feature Requested By: J.dehle
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If I exit an app with the intention of going back to work but accidentally open the app up and get distracted again I’d like to set a timeout rule where the app automatically begins a session. Or some rule where after being on for so long it begins a session for a break. It would be an adjustable session length.

Feature Requested By: J.dehle
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I would like to see app usage times but also if I get distracted by an app I’d like notifications after pre determined intervals. A perisitent pop up at 5 mins, or 7, or 10, etc to snap me out of it.

Feature Requested By: B
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View Original Post: Allow me to place a quota on the number of times I'm allowed to use an app · Opal Feedback

So for example, I’m only allowed to check my emails 3x a day. The app should let me know that I have 2/3 ‘checks’ left for the day.

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Feature Requested By: Anonymous
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It would be great to be able to add daily timers to apps (example: 30 minutes of Instagram a day) and once that limit is reached the app will become blocked as if it were on a session.

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Feature Requested By: Kenneth
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What about a way of restricting how many hours I can unlock, or making me wait a bit before unlocking?

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Feature Requested By: Farhad Pocha
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Let me allow myself 45 minutes of Instagram, 30 minutes of dating apps, etc. And tell me when I go over the budget

Comment By: Neeks

This is the one feature that would convince me to switch from trial to annual subscription… being able to set a time limit and then automatically go into Deep Focus once I hit the limit.

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Feature Requested By: Felipe
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There should be an option to set a timer, and when time’s up, Opal starts blocking your selected apps.