Please get rid of all references to annoying children’s songs! 🦈

The break from my phone was great, thank you. I need an app like this. My issue is that I don’t want a loud notification reminding me that my phone exists right at the end of my focus block. I also don’t want to be reminded about the existence of baby shark, its going to be with me for the rest of the day and it’s unbelievably annoying. Is it supposed to be a punishment for picking up your phone at the end of the focus block? How do I make it stop?

Hi there! The baby shark sound doesn’t come from Opal (as far as we know), could it be a setting on your iPhone? you can see how to change it here Can You Change Notification Sounds On iPhone?.

Hi Kenneth

It’s not a sound at all, it’s a notification screen that comes up on Opal when you finish a focus period. It says something like “ congratulations on finishing your break, you could have listened to baby shark 5 times”.


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Thank you for the precision, and sorry I made this mistake.
We should probably allow more customizable on the text here!

Anyone else in the community feeling this?

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It would great to have an option for your session to silently end, especially when I’m already deep into work and have lost track of time.