Rediscover your talents!

Hi Gems!

I was reading this article and I thought I’d share some thoughts about it, sometimes in this fast-paced life, we forget about the essentials things that bring joy to ourselves and others.
We all have talents and skills! But sometimes we forget to value them, even though it is a source of happiness.
The talents/skills listed are for example communicate, make people laugh, paint, tinker, cook, play an instrument, reason… Used regularly, they strengthen our self-esteem. However, their non-use, through negligence or ignorance, generates a feeling of emptiness, a kind of deficit of existential meaning, which can lead to demotivation…

The way to do this is to find a moment ( and relax while you’re at it :blush:) gather photos, letters, text messages etc, and list the ones where you felt a positive emotions, effortlessly, Note their main commonality: I was leading a group, preparing a meal, listening and advising a friend, etc. Then, paste into a notebook a photo, letter or image that symbolizes them.

Once your memories have helped you identify the commonality between the different moments of happiness you have experienced, you must now be aware of the skill that has been a factor of pleasure and emotion for you.

Now that you have identified one of your skills, promise to use it, and above all, to maintain it.

Ok, that was long, and I admit I have not done it yet, but just reading it reminded me that sometimes we forget about the simplest things…and we have to make time for them…

Feel free to share your thoughts, maybe some of you knew about this “exercise”, how did it go? Or do you have any other tips?