Refund for unwanted subscription

I have been trying to find a customer service contact for the last 5 days to get a refund for this app. I have had so many issues with this app and did not want to renew it but didn’t cancel in time and have been on the apple customer service for the last 3 days trying to cancel and get a refund. Not only is the app glitchy and blocks apps I did not select but it is easily overridden by one click in screen time. Please let me know how I can contact the team for a refund for my app. I do not wish to renew. Thank you very much

@Phoebe_Entermann I’m sorry to hear about your experience. There are two ways to cancel your subscription, depending on how you signed up. Please follow the process here: Opal FAQ | How to cancel my subscription (which is also in the support center in the app).