[RELEASED] "Vacation Mode" Pause / turn off / snooze Schedule Session for several days for holidays

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I love this app but I wish I could pause / stop my schedule for let’s say several days if I finished my work for the week without having to go in and edit the schedule and turn it off for the days I don’t want to use it. Or if I could skip days without needing to remember to turn them on for the next week.


yesss we need to be able to notify and have like a vacation mode


Vacation mode for the focus time


Thank you for sharing this. I merged it with an existing thread on the topic.

Any chance of implementing a quick tick box holiday mode setting to turn it all off.


Feature Requested By: Anna King
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I wish that I could toggle the schedules I have on and off instead of choosing days and unselecting all of the days for occasions like vacation. When I unselect all of the days, the schedule automatically deletes itself and I have to set it up again. I’d rather be able to turn it off for a day like I can alarms on my phone (like I do a one-off holiday I don’t have work) before that occasion and then be able to turn it back on when I re-set my alarms for the next day. It would be so much more handy and would be great to have a bunch of pre-set schedules that I turn on and off depending on what that day holds for me!!


I’ll plus one and expand on this. I primarily use this for work. If I finish early, there’s no need to keep the session going (I work primarily on a project based team). So if I’ve finished for the day I’d like to “end a session” early. I guess that’s not exactly the same as this but I do have a day off soon and I’m supposing I’ll have to delete my session entirely during that.

Which thread i want to upvote this 1000!! I need to turn off and be able to use my apps to travel but I have to completely delete and recreate all seven daily sessions!!!

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Makes a ton of sense.
We have a test running right now (it’s an AB test so you might not see it) where we should you this if you delete a session:

We plan to make this better ASAP.

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This is released to everyone!