Remove ability to disable an upcoming scheduled session before it starts.

I use Opal to break my ADHD-driven “just ten more minutes” nighttime tech use so I can go to bed. If I have a schedule set to start at 12:30 am, notice it’s 12:28, and don’t want to stop what I’m doing (and I never want to stop), I’ll just turn that schedule off and go “I’ll give myself ten more minutes and then turn it back on.” And then it’s 4 am.

I’d like an option to disable my ability to edit a schedule within X amount of time from its start time. Say it’s set to 30 minutes: I’m unlikely to preemptively turn off a 12:30 session at 12:00; but then if I want to cancel my session at 12:28, it’s too late and I’ve just gotta live with having my apps turned off.