Separate Option to Indefinitely Block Adult Content

I use Opal to block social media while I work and I include adult content in there too.

Sometimes there’ll be times where I have extra time and I don’t mind using social media, but because adult content is also unlocked, it’ll be in the back of mind to access it (which is something I’m working on removing from my life entirely). If there was an option to block adult content indefinitely or at minimum make it very difficult to bypass, that’d be helpful.


could be a useful feature for people trying to quit addictions i.e (porn, etc, etc)

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@kenneth This would be incredibly useful. The whole reason I have the app is to permanently block this kind of content, but as it stands I have to jump through many hoops to set it up and it still isn’t great. We would greatly appreciate some version of “Deep Focus Pornography” blocker that is separate from blocking an app, which prevents other sessions.


Responding for visibility.

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+1 for this idea. It’d be great if such an option would be in-built into Opal.

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@kenneth please put this in the app. It will be very useful!

we’re working on this