Share / Sync Sessions and Settings Across Devices with Account

Please make it possible for settings and screen time to sync between devices! I don’t know why the account carries across devices but the settings and screen time don’t. I want the time I spend on Instagram on my iPad to be included with the time I spend on Instagram on my phone! (For example)


I thought I was the only one who couldn’t figure out how to sync limits and sessions. I guess this isn’t a feature Opal offers.

If setting up app blocking doesn’t work across all devices, it kinda makes the app a little redundant… I love the premise of an app where you can have an accountability buddy, but that seems to be only a minor aspect of the app and a little difficult to set up too, despite being the main thing one can’t achieve with basic screen time settings. But the no syncing is a major issue, because one would have to set up limits across all individual devices for them to work… which I imagine would confuse the tracking element of the app? Are there individual device timing trackers despite being one account? Confusing.
Good luck to the team working on this app though. I hope you manage to fix the issues.


I have the same problem, I just sign up for the forum to say this exact point. I want the syncing to actually work, its been ages now. It’s especially important when setting the app limit situation, they give me this tip of how to disable the sharing//syncing when it comes top app limit … ITS NOT EVEN THERE to begin with …

Please work on enabling syncing across all devices and all features and aspects. This is the future that hinders everything else as the app becomes extremely redundant, its almost as if its a chore just to set up the same settings/apps/app limits and so on accross devices, to the point of it becoming a venue for procrastination in of itself.

An example: today I set up some app limits on my iPhone, the iPhone had to be charged and I had only few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea before getting back to work. I wanted to use the same apps which were limited on the iPhone on my iPad, when I opened opal there wasn’t any limit synced and I wasn’t gonna waste the entire break doing the same exact thing because it wont just involve the duplication but also the adjustments to split the time? How do I split the time? Is it 50:50, I don’t even know which device I will try to waste time on etc.

The tips and help guides didnt guide me anywhere to actually enable this sync.
Everything else in the app features requests list seems to be a cherry on top but this sync scenario has been mentioned throughout multiple suggestions and about different types or categories or features to be synced.

In general its the same problem/feature request: We are using the apple ecosystem for the sake of avoiding friction and redundancy between devices, we want to be able to sync all the features, the score board, the screen time, the app limits, ALL OF IT, like we do with the apple ecosystem.


Is there a way to share the screen time or app limits across devices. As when limits on my phone run out I still have plenty of time on my IPad. Is there an option to have them share data. If not could their be one?


Not being able to sync this app across devices is my main frustration

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This is my main frustration as well.

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It would be amazing if our blocklists & whitelists, focus score settings, screen time reports, and gem milestones could be synced across devices by simply logging into our Opal accounts! :slight_smile:


Yes!! I don’t know why the account carries across devices but the settings and screen time don’t. I want the time I spend on Instagram on my iPad to be included with the time I spend on Instagram on my phone! (For example)

This feature feels pretty crucial. I didn’t realize this wasn’t possible, and if it’s not available by the time to renew my subscription I don’t think I will.

Thank you for sharing this feedback @here .

What are tackling this in a few phases:

Now: Opal syncs your account name, profile picture, age/profession and any referral reward
Next week: Opal syncs your milestones.

  • Sessions and Limits The issue here is that due to privacy constraints in Apple’s API, we can’t sync app groups (apps to block), so you would need to selects apps to block on each device.
  • Screentime data
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I wait so much for this feature. It’s very annoying to setup the same sessions on my two different devices every time.

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Copying this over from reddit

Will there ever be the ability to sync between different devices? (specifically iphone and ipad)

It takes me so long to set up each list and focus session, and it is incredibly frustrating to have to do that twice (and then any time I want to make a change, do that twice as well). It also means that my screen time is not accurately reflected because the app only takes into account the time spent on each device individually. If it is linked to my apple ID and I have an account/profile, it doesn’t make sense to me why that profile isn’t consistent between devices. Does this feature already exist? Am I missing something?

I thought the app was great and upgraded to pro right after downloading — but once I realized I would have to re-program everything on my ipad, I instantly regretted my $99 purchase. (I also experience the crashes Brotyx describes in their comment, I have an iphone 15 pro so the age of my phone couldn’t be the culprit.) The app you’ve created is amazing but the lack of sync combined with frequent crashes makes the (reoccurring!) $99 price tag feel unfair and not worth it.

I’m willing to pay a premium price for a premium product, but as it stands now that’s not what I’m getting. I’d expect account syncing to be a basic and vital feature, and it’s upsetting that even with a pro subscription at a luxury price point this isn’t possible.

I appreciate you jumping into this thread; it’s really refreshing to see a founder/developer interacting directly with consumers, explaining your process and the app’s features. I really hope this feature is available soon (or that it already is and I just can’t find it in settings!) and that the crashes/bugs are fixed so I can be excited to renew my subscription next year. Thanks for creating a potentially life-changing app, and thanks for you and your team’s commitment to innovation and improvement. :slight_smile:


It’s unbelievable that this still isn’t a feature yet vanilla Screen Time does sync across devices. Can’t imagine that anything could be higher priority

@kenneth Honestly shocked that you have the audacity to charge $99 for an app that doesn’t sync across devices. The Freedom app syncs sessions across devices and it’s one third of the price you are charging.

Cut all the gem nonsense and focus on basic functionality.

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Thank you for the candid feedback. Which device are you looking to sync? Multiple iPhones? iPad and iPad? This will help with prioritization.

Thank you for the candid feedback. Which device are you looking to sync? Multiple iPhones? iPad and iPad? This will help with prioritization.

I really need to be able to sync across ipad, iphone and chrome browser. It is wasting so much time inputting sessions on different devices. Also to remember sessions and blocklists if you delete the app and reinstall it. Sometimes I have accidentally added something to a blocklist that I need urgently and have had to delete for access, but when I reinstall it has forgotten everything and you have to start from scratch.

Really need to be able to sync everything–sessions, block lists, limits, etc.–across the app on my iphone and the google chrome extension I use on my pc. I’m doing the opal premium trial period right now and without that functionality, I feel hard pressed to spend the $99.

I just re-downloaded Opal onto my iPad; I primarily use it on my iPhone.

When I first downloaded the app, it asked me if I wanted to create an account or sign in — fine. But before I could tap “sign in,” it whooshed me away to the questionnaire I did when I first signed up for the app (how much time do you spend using screens daily, etc.), which was really annoying.

Ultimately, without having to sign in, it recognized that it was me. My profile picture and Pro membership carried over successfully. However, nothing else did. None of the sessions that exist on my iPhone app were there and I had to start from scratch, which is annoying because it’s taken a lot of tinkering to get them right.

I’d appreciate if the team could streamline the way you sign in on a different advice, I.e., have everything carry over once you’re signed in, and not gave me go through the quiz process and everything again.