Suggestions from a lifetime subscriber

Small issues

  • Icons for apps not visible in score tab

  • I can edit the groups that a current session is blocking by editing a different session

Larger things I’d love to see soon

  • I’d like to see much more informative data that’s readily accessible - weekly insights, monthly insights, etc that carries over unlike Apple’s native Screentime stats that reset. Being able to get insights and change/improve through them is a large part of why I’m using Opal. Ex OffScreen app (attached a screenshot of some of their showcased timelines and charts)

  • I’d like to be able to search for an app when creating a block list instead of having to manually go through them. If you have enough apps, this can take long enough that you may not even set things up. Apple’s native Screentime is actually far more intuitive with this imo in that you can go to your most used apps and add limits from there.


Here’s a screenshot showcasing the app icons not being visible in the Score page/tab