The app is becoming too easy and it’s a problem

So basically, I’ve been using this app since January 30 of this year and it has been a life changer like my screen time used to be 15 hours or more now it has dropped down to basically 4 to 6 hours and it’s amazing but one problem that I have is that ever since the past updates is that it has been getting much more easier and less restricting.

For example: when it comes to the break timer, I remember it used to be much more harder to take a break and every time you would either close the timer or leave the app or so much as turn off your phone it would automatically reset meaning that you would have to wait in the app for the timer to end, and that was amazing and it made it much more rewarding but nowadays you can turn your phone off, close the timer, leave it on the background, and it will still keep on going and because of this it has kind of made my engagement increase a little and that’s not really cool and I remember I heard someone else talk about this issue in the forms and I’m glad because it needs to be talked about more.

Another thing that I don’t really agree with on the app is the fact that we have a “protection center” which doesn’t really make sense to me and I’m not sure if we had that the whole time but it doesn’t really make sense why we have it because I could simply remove all of the apps that I locked and then start using them which basically kind of defeats the purpose of a break timer, if I can just remove an app instantly and start using it. So that’s all I have to say you don’t have to agree with me it’s fine but these are one of the problems that I see with the app and I feel like it needs to be changed or there needs to be an option.


Yeah, the fact that the break clock doesn’t reset reduced opal’s functionality by 90% for me

Thank you @here for the feedback, also on It needs to be less easy to take breaks .

We will change work on this. The bottom line is that most people view making it easier to take breaks as a positive; but obviously not everyone and we need to make it better for you too - we’re work on better customization so you can choose what works best for you.