Trouble entering phone number to create account

Hi! I just installed Opal. I can’t get past the screen where I’m asked to type in my phone number to create an account. The keyboard doesn’t pop up when I tap in the text box, I can’t seem to copy and paste my phone number from another app as a workaround, and tapping the skip and next buttons does nothing.

I can’t get past this screen to properly submit a support ticket (or do anything in Opal). And, I just got a popup that Opal was attempting to block my access to an app so I’m concerned it might begin causing issues with me using other apps.

Can someone help me? :pray:

Luckily this resolved itself as soon as I posted this message! I closed and reopened the app for the 100th or so time and was dropped into the main screen as opposed to the ‘enter your phone number’ screen.