Twitter/X not being blocked

Twitter/X blocking isn’t working on my phone (browser/website use rather than the app which I removed from my phone). It remains available during blocking sessions and the app limit I have set specifically for it doesn’t work either.

Please help. I have no willpower on this one and it’s the main reason I need Opal.

Hi @Ros_Barber ! Thank you for writing. Can you make sure you also add ‘’ (this URL) to our blocked apps? here is an article about this: Opal FAQ | How to add my own websites/domains

The problem is that when I select ‘other’ to enter that url it says ‘That Apple screen has crashed’. Have closed and reopened, taken the update: still happening.

Sorry about this!
This is a known issue with Apple’s Screen Time API, but you can get around it.

How to Get Around this issue:

First we understand the inconvenience this issue may cause and appreciate your patience.

From iOS16.4 onwards you will have a search bar in the Opal app selection screen. This allows you to type and search for any specific app or website on your phone, and will not crash. If you don’t see it, please update your iPhone (how to update your Iphone).