Two bugs - "Contact Us" button doesn't work, and Messenger consistently blocked even when Opal isn't set to block it


Two bug reports. Putting here because I wasn’t able to contact the team through the app, and I haven’t heard back after contacting support@opal email address.

First, the ‘Contact Us’ button in the app doesn’t seem to do anything. It moves as I press it, but nothing happens. If this is supposed to open the Instabug modal - it’s not. Neither does taking a screenshot.

Second, the Messenger app is blocked whenever Opal is active. This is despite me disabling it from being blocked on all the Opal filter sets. It’s frustrating because I often have to use Messenger for work, and means I have to take more breaks from Opal than are otherwise necessary.

Would love support on these. On iPhone XR, latest iOS.

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Hi @psygen, we are sorry for the inconvenience, our email address is

Regarding Messenger, could you please check if Facebook is selected to be blocked? In this case, it would also block Messenger.

Let me know,

Quick correction @psygen @Chris
When you select apps to block, make sure you deselect Messenger under Social category. If you do this, Messenger will not be blocked.

Also, thanks for flagging, we just fixed the issue on the Contact Us button in app!

@Chris Checked that already, Facebook isn’t selected.

@kenneth , as I said above in my initial report, Messenger isn’t selected to be blocked (yes, I know where it is in the Social category). This isn’t intended behavior.

Attached screenshot to illustrate.

Thanks for fixing the Contact bug!

We’re looking into it, thank you for sharing.

My appologies, we can’t find your in-app bug reports - can you send us a bug report again in-app?

Also see above - the Contact Us button was broken, so I had no way to send a report.

Have sent an Instabug report now.

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Thanks for doing this! Can you follow these steps? Opal FAQ | Is Opal blocking an App/Website it shouldn't? iMessage? Messenger? FaceTime?

Option 2 should fix it, but please let us know if not!

Tried both - unfortunately didn’t work.

Was editing while the session was in progress though - should I try again when it’s not?


Actually, I just noticed from the screenshot you send that Messenger may be blocked outside of Opal through screen time limits (the design when Opal shields an app is a black screen with the Opal logo).

I will send you a Loom video with some steps to try.

That’s not a bad hypothesis, but Messenger unblocks when I take a break in the Opal app, and isn’t blocked outside of the exact Opal schedule. So I don’t think it’s a different blocking app or screen time setting

Watched the Loom, tried the steps. No downtime or restrictions are active in native Screentime. Turned off Opal in screentime, opened the Opal app, went back to screentime and enabled it. Went to reconfigure blocks in Opal - hit clear again, re-added blocked items. Interestingly, all the websites disappeared and it only showed apps. I only blocked Instagram at first. Saved it, and Messenger wasn’t blocked!

But websites reappeared on the list, I blocked some of those again, and the app is again blocked.

Managed to track down the specific issue. Having any of,, or blocked in Opal will cause the Messenger app to be blocked. If all of those aren’t set to blocked in Opal, Messenger works. I’m guessing this is reproducible @kenneth

@psygen THANK YOU, you helped us track the specific issue down. This is clearly one we want to escalate back to Apple (since they handle app/website selection). Also adding this to our FAQ.

Glad to help :slightly_smiling_face:

These kinds of bugs can be an absolute pain to track down lol

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