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50% of my distraction comes from notifications from iMessage. I would love Opal more than I do if there way a way to halt replies while I am in a session.

Comment By: Kenneth

<@Anukriti Goyal%%user%%df9000a7-fccc-46bf-9216-9b899317fa46> Here’s how to block any app with Opal: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Comment By: Lacy Galtere

<@Anukriti Goyal%%user%%df9000a7-fccc-46bf-9216-9b899317fa46> theres a lovely function within the ‘Settings’ tab called “Focus” and you can create a specific “Focus” to only allow specifics… check that out :wink: it’s saved me a lot of time & frustration in the recent past! Blessings :pray:

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Popular Mail app

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Superhuman and Spark

Comment By: Miguel Piedrafita

Also HEY!