[Unassigned] Default to Always On

Feature Requested By: Maggie A
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I’d like it if I could make Opal the default and lock myself out of all of my distracting apps, setting intentions to unlock them for a short period of time instead of locking them. (In other words, basically the opposite of the way Opal works now.)

I’d also appreciate it if I didn’t have to pay for this feature, haha. But getting it added is the important part.

Comment By: Can.sar

Just an FYI from a user: You can set an “Always On” block, that’s what I do.

Feature Requested By: Anonymous
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I want to run my phone in the shield mode all day by default and then have an hour or so a day when all apps are allowed. As far as I can see, it’s only possible to schedule shield mode on.