[Unassigned] Improved Adult/News section

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Continously adding more websites to the adult/news section. Perhaps allow users to manually add websites. I find myself consumed by viewing regional news websites which are not currently blocked by Opal.

Comment By: Julia rovik

I agree with manually adding websites and apps. Maybe you can preprogram Apple Shortcuts that download with the app? Then, we can just input the website or app and be done with it. Us avid users of Opal, I assume, are all people who are addicted to the stimulus that their phone brings them and/or struggle with attention and focus issues. So, complicated stuff like that, when I and maybe others are personally not on their medication or whatever circumstances, can easily be done without getting lost in a rabbit hole and entirely forgetting about the idea for the next couple of days. (Or at least, the fear of that happening is what keeps me from trying often)