Use multiple app groups for a session?

As far as I can see, I can only enable one app group for any type of session? I would be useful to be able to check off multiple app groups for a session. If it’s possible already, please let me know where I missed it.

Example: You have a general list of allowed utility apps (such as Maps, Music etc.) and another list that is a list of work apps used in Work focus mode. By enabling both groups as allowed apps for a work session, you don’t need to app the general utility app into works apps also, i.e. no overlapping groups. This is simpler and saves time.

Thanks for the report. It is not possible currently to select several app groups at once.

However here is what I would suggest: you can create a 3rd app group with all of the apps combined from the first two app groups. I understand this is a bit more work. Hope this helps!

Alright thanks for clearing that up. Do you have a special form for feature requests / feedback or is it enough just to have this post? :slight_smile:

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This post is perfect! this is where we will update feature requests and updates.