Using Opal caused a lot of bugs on my phone and I now can’t use certain apps

I paid for the lifetime package and after using Opal, I can’t use IG, YouTube and FB on my phone at all. I’ve tried uninstalling those apps repeatedly and reinstalling them. I’ve uninstalled Opal. I’ve tried following the steps that the AI help suggested which was start a new session. Nothing is working. I don’t have much value in using IG ever but I can never see the videos my friends send me and I have valuable reasons to use YouTube.

So sorry to read this. Did you contact customer support in app?

If You Removed Screen Time Permissions Or Uninstalled The Opal App, But Apps Are Still Blocked

Read: How do I hard reset my screen time settings

Do you have any Always Allowed App in you iPhone screen time settings? Make sure you unselect them. Here is how to do it.

UPDATE TLDR: if you have a personal relationship with engineers at Apple and enjoy Opal, we’d love to connect with them Relationships at Apple? Screen Time Issues - Reporting to Apple