View Blocked App Time Use instead of Screen Time Today

I would really like to have an option to view Blocked App Time Use instead of Screen Time Today on the Home Screen. Or maybe an option to choose which shows up on the Home Screen. The total time is not helpful to me because I use my phone for hourly reminders and time tracking. The current assumption of Opal is that limiting Total Screen Time is a high value. For me, it is all about regulating use of only a handful of apps. That’s the total I want to track. I also don’t want to compare myself to others. I rely on my phone all day to keep reminding me to stay focused. This means I have 100% greater phone use than average each day. It’s discouraging to see this every day as though it’s a failing on my part.

Currently, to see the total time I spend on blocked apps, I need to add up each individual app use time each day. I would like the app to do that. Doesn’t it already do that to generate the Focus Score? Can you just give the time used to create the Focus Score instead of the Score?

Thank you for a great and very functional way to block app usage. It helps me a lot!


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Hey there,

Thanks for the feature request! I’ve passed this suggestion along to our engineers to consider as we continue to upgrade the app. Stay tuned!

All the best,
Team Opal


I’m in the exact same position.
It would be a really valuable upgrade

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