VoiceOver Accessibility improvements


I am very excited by the concept of your app, but I am blind and use the screen reader VoiceOver to access my phone.

The app has several important elements I cannot reach when VoiceOver is enabled, like the profile button in the top right corner that opens the menu.

Iā€™d be happy to help with this project as having a tool like Opal would be really helpful for me. I am not a developer but I am an accessibility specialist.



Hey !
Thanks for your feedback.

I took a look, and fixed the most outstanding accessibility issues including the one with the profile button.

This will be available in Opal 3.35 that will be available next week.

I hope it will make the app more usable for you :slight_smile: Of course open to discuss further if some other issue remains.

Best regards, and thank you for your commitment to improving the app!