Websites not showing in “other”

There are websites I use that show in the “other” category within screen time on iOS but not in opal. For example, one I browsed today that doesn’t display as an option to add to my blocklist if I try and edit it.

Sorry to hear that - the Opal app selector you see inside the Opal app is generated by Apple (we don’t have control over this). That said can you try these steps @RJAS ? Opal FAQ | How to add my own websites/domains

I agree!

@kenneth On iOS, adding a website to a blacklist should be as easy as doing so for an app.

As a screen time addict, I don’t have most social apps on my iPhone thus I’d like to restrict websites.

Today, I find it still super difficult to add a specific website to a blocklist on Opal (e.g. does not appear under the « social » category).

IMO the Opal app should feature 2 sections: a « Apps to block » section organized by category AND a « Websites to block » section in which you can easily search any website.

Hope this helps!