Weekly reports only counting distracting time

Hey Opal team,

I really love seeking the weekly report about my goals and reduced screen time.

As a tech worker though, I use my device for work-related reasons like prototyping. Overall screen time is directly correlated to productivity so it gives me an inaccurate report and behaviour is hard to change when you don’t have an accurate report.

I’d love to be able to set a goal like “reduce distracting time,” and have it only track that. The weekly reports would summarize the distracting time reduction only.

Thanks for reading!


I would love that too.

Found this improvements page to ask for the same thing.

I want more analytics and data in my screen time, but specifically for apps I’ve marked as distracting. I drive frequently, and knowing I used Google maps for 4 hours or slack during work isn’t the reason I downloaded the app.