What can you automate in your life to be more productive?

I realized I’ve become super reliant on Opal’s work focus schedule, especially on the chrome extension, so that’s gotten me to wonder what else in my life I can free up and automate so I can actually focus on my priorities!

Recently, I’ve set my alarm to trigger along with a Google Assistant routine – it plays my morning playlist on my Google Home and reads me my schedule for the day. It’s honestly really disorienting lol, but I noticed it’s gotten me out of bed a lot easier. I used to scroll on my phone for at least half an hour before I actually got up.

I also used to resist having my bills on automatic payments, but I’ve since realized it’s so much better just not having to worry about and spend the time on checking them over every month. Every couple of months, I’ll do a quick look-through just to make sure everything’s in order (this particularly applies to student discounts expiring quietly after a year).

What do you guys “automate” to make life easier?