Why can’t I have different app groups?

I am trying this app out and I’m currently on the trial of the $100 version. I don’t understand why I can’t create different app groups for different times. This seems so basically important. Am I doing it wrong? For this cost that is a necessity! Basically I need to make sure that I can access my email during the day but not social media and the opposite in the evening. Help please! Thanks.

We definitely need to do better at this. You CAN create different app groups and use them for different times/sessions, here’s how:

I don’t want to schedule blocks to occur at the same time every day but I want presets ready to go for Block Now like gym mode, night mode, morning mode

I figured it out but my feedback is that the interface isn’t very intuitive, who would have guessed the “copy” icon when setting a list of apps to Block would open an area where you can create other Block list preset groups

Thank you for sharing, we’re updating the app’s design based on your feedback.

For reference here’s how to create app groups: Opal FAQ | How to choose apps/websites to block