Why is there a maximum amount of sessions and limits?

I want to set sessions throughout the work day to allow for 5 and 10 minute breaks from hardcore blocks every hour. I can’t sue to this maximum. Why is there a 15 session/limit maximum?

Hello !
We’re currently constrained by the limitations of Apple’s API.

However, we can explore alternative session difficulty modes that would align with your specific requirements, potentially eliminating the need for multiple sessions.
Could you please elaborate on your desired outcome?
For instance, do you envision a system that permits a predetermined duration for breaks within each hour?
Have you considered experimenting with the Timeout difficulty mode?


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Hi Peter,

Yes, envisioning predetermined breaks within the day. This seems like a more efficient way to allow for breaks within the work day.

This way, I can set a full lock for the first 50 min of an hour, and a full break the last 10 minutes, I’m less apt to be thinking about social media throughout the first 50 min, and can purely focus on work.

Then, when I have a 10 min break, I can be fully on break, not waiting for a 70 second timer.

I experimented with this and enjoyed it, but wanted to break it down to two shorter breaks within the hour, 25 min lock then 5 min break, but didn’t have enough limit sessions to do so with other night/weekend limits.