Widget overhaul with session controls and improved functionality {PLANNED}

The current widget is super lackluster. I don’t even mind the size, but right now I have no reason to keep the widget on my screen vs just the app icon; they’re functionally identical. Love the app, but the widget doesn’t have a place or purpose on my screen in it’s current state. Even just a shortcut to start/break/end a session would be a huge step in the right direction. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Would love to see a live Lock Screen notification showing how long you have of your session

This is from @joshhawaii orignally in Missing Pro Features? 49 App Limit, Inactive Widget, and Lack of Intentions?


It would be nice to show the daily statistics (the current focus level + graph and its current rate of change) in the widget.
The stone looks nice, but doesn’t really have any use on my Home screen.



I am also hoping to see smaller widgets!

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Summing up ideas:

  • Active Session: show how long you have of your session
  • Shortcut to start/break/end a session
  • Smaller widget option
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Would love a widget option that shows the current focus level/average focus level for the day, regardless of if I’m in a session or not.

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FYI the new Shortcuts now allow you to Start / End / Break sessions + access the Session Status and Screen Time Today!