App Limits Reminder Notifications - 5Min or Custom

The 1-minute reminder before your app limit is reached should be able to be adjusted or just changed to a 5-minute reminder instead. Possibly even a 5-minute reminder AND a 1-minute reminder. 1-minute just seems like too short of notice, especially depending on what you might be doing at the time (e.g. having a conversation with someone on social media).


Today was my first day trying out daily app limits. I reached my limit apparently and the app just closed. I feel like it might help me ration my screen time if I at least had a warning from Opal or could see how much time I’d spent so far. Kind of like the warning we get when a break is about to end.

I know I can see that info on my iPhone but my phone won’t give me a 10 or 15 minute warning before Opal locks me out of the app until tomorrow.

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Agreed - it’s always a surprise to me when I get 1 minute to the limit so I always extend it. If I had a 10 minute warning perhaps I’d try to wrap up, but I’m usually in the middle of something (the latest was researching printers on Amazon) and I want to finish my task.


Thanks to your feedback, we will see if we can plan to add this option.

Not sure if this has already been suggested but I would love a feature to be implemented for the limits section of the app.

I already have a few limits I use but I dislike how I only know that the app is about to be blocked one minute before I will be blocked.

It would be really helpful to me if I was able to set up a sort of take a break reminder (I believe this is already a feature built into Tiktok) so I could be reminded as I am using the app how much time is left. For example, if I had a 1 hour limit set on an app maybe I would like to be reminded every 15 minutes with a message like “You’ve used 15 minutes of your time in this app today, you now have 45 minutes remaining” and so on. I just don’t think it’s really helpful that I get a notification with only one minute left because I am unable to manage the rest of my usage of the app should I need to use it later in the day.

This could also be great in any app (not just ones with a limit on them) as a reminder saying something like “You have been using the [this app] for the last 15 mins without taking a break”.

Mostly though, I’d just like to be able to see how much of my limit I have already used throughout the day so I can manage that time. Would be good to be able to check how much time I have left before it is blocked (in the Opal app) but also the reminders throughout (that would be good if I could customize the interval of how often I am reminded) would be most beneficial to me.



@awllmsn Thank you for sharing, I moved your post here since it has been mentioned by others. That’s definitely something we are looking into as well as Progress Bar – App Limits


This should be an easy one to create: give users option to receive another notification, for example 5 minutes before app limit is reached. The one minute warning is slightly helpful but doesn’t really give me time to wrap up whatever I was doing - without a sense of panic that makes me want to then disable the limit entirely. Give us the option to also have a 5-minute warning notification. Thanks.


agreed! would love to be able to choose the time as well. and would appreciate the ability to send more than one alert/reminder notification too.
ex. 15 mins left reminder, 5 mins left reminder both being able to be active at the same time.
only knowing when i have 60 seconds left isn’t really helpful and makes me panic too. i’d like to be able to manage my time better knowing that i still have 15 minutes (or however much) left.


100% agree. Having a mere 1 min warning actually encourages me to DISABLE Opal so I can finish what I need to get done instead of creating productive urgency.