App Limits Reminder Notifications - 5Min or Custom

The 1-minute reminder before your app limit is reached should be able to be adjusted or just changed to a 5-minute reminder instead. Possibly even a 5-minute reminder AND a 1-minute reminder. 1-minute just seems like too short of notice, especially depending on what you might be doing at the time (e.g. having a conversation with someone on social media).


Today was my first day trying out daily app limits. I reached my limit apparently and the app just closed. I feel like it might help me ration my screen time if I at least had a warning from Opal or could see how much time I’d spent so far. Kind of like the warning we get when a break is about to end.

I know I can see that info on my iPhone but my phone won’t give me a 10 or 15 minute warning before Opal locks me out of the app until tomorrow.


Agreed - it’s always a surprise to me when I get 1 minute to the limit so I always extend it. If I had a 10 minute warning perhaps I’d try to wrap up, but I’m usually in the middle of something (the latest was researching printers on Amazon) and I want to finish my task.


Thanks to your feedback, we will see if we can plan to add this option.

Not sure if this has already been suggested but I would love a feature to be implemented for the limits section of the app.

I already have a few limits I use but I dislike how I only know that the app is about to be blocked one minute before I will be blocked.

It would be really helpful to me if I was able to set up a sort of take a break reminder (I believe this is already a feature built into Tiktok) so I could be reminded as I am using the app how much time is left. For example, if I had a 1 hour limit set on an app maybe I would like to be reminded every 15 minutes with a message like “You’ve used 15 minutes of your time in this app today, you now have 45 minutes remaining” and so on. I just don’t think it’s really helpful that I get a notification with only one minute left because I am unable to manage the rest of my usage of the app should I need to use it later in the day.

This could also be great in any app (not just ones with a limit on them) as a reminder saying something like “You have been using the [this app] for the last 15 mins without taking a break”.

Mostly though, I’d just like to be able to see how much of my limit I have already used throughout the day so I can manage that time. Would be good to be able to check how much time I have left before it is blocked (in the Opal app) but also the reminders throughout (that would be good if I could customize the interval of how often I am reminded) would be most beneficial to me.



@awllmsn Thank you for sharing, I moved your post here since it has been mentioned by others. That’s definitely something we are looking into as well as Progress Bar – App Limits


This should be an easy one to create: give users option to receive another notification, for example 5 minutes before app limit is reached. The one minute warning is slightly helpful but doesn’t really give me time to wrap up whatever I was doing - without a sense of panic that makes me want to then disable the limit entirely. Give us the option to also have a 5-minute warning notification. Thanks.


agreed! would love to be able to choose the time as well. and would appreciate the ability to send more than one alert/reminder notification too.
ex. 15 mins left reminder, 5 mins left reminder both being able to be active at the same time.
only knowing when i have 60 seconds left isn’t really helpful and makes me panic too. i’d like to be able to manage my time better knowing that i still have 15 minutes (or however much) left.


100% agree. Having a mere 1 min warning actually encourages me to DISABLE Opal so I can finish what I need to get done instead of creating productive urgency.

Thanks for the report @here , we’ll work on this ASAP.

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Definitely agree with this request. Custom notifications would improve the rationing of time, not to mention convenience. It’s kind of disappointing when you realize that you have virtually no time left in an app category when there’s still a few hours or something before bed. It’s also not ideal when you get a 1-minute warning in the middle of a game.

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