Community Features: what do you want?

Hey everyone!
I need your help: what community features would you like to see in Opal?

We know that motivation is contagious, and the people with whom you surround yourself shape you.

We want to add better community features in Opal to inspire each other and find the motivation to focus and accomplish our dreams.

Here are a few initial ideas:

  • Profiles / follow: view the profile of other gems, see their schedules, past sessions and score
  • Social sessions: disconnect together with friends
  • Challenges:
  • Better leaderboard: get inspired by others from the community with our daily leaderboard, highlighting the most focused of us directly in the app.

Anything else? please let me know!


Tips on effectively block our time at work and remain focus on activities which require thinking.


I love the idea of challenges. Some that do not require buddies would be a bonus for me. I’m retired, ironically far busier now :thinking: I also think that some sort of a wager, which would be a self challenge would be great for me. Maybe a weekly or monthly challenge where you need to meet a certain productivity level or higher. there doesn’t necessarily need to be a higher reward aside from getting your wager back. you could also take the Lost wagers, divide half of it among people who met their goal you guys keep 30%, the remainder could go in a drawing. One ticket for each day or week of productivity met. The winner gets free membership on the next renewal. I would also love to see some of the great features in the Focus to do Pomodoro app.


Love the wager idea in general! And setting challenges to achieve long term focus milestones :raised_hands:

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