[COMPLETED] Categorize Apps as Productive or Distracting [Focus Score]

Hey John, thank you for the report! Not sure exactly what the issue is here. A few questions

  1. Are you able to see the apps listed here? (on your home screen). If not make sure you update your Opal app! . Every app app on your phone should show up.

  1. Are you able to edit the distraction level and save?

Hey there! don’t forgot to update your Opal app! You should see all apps installed on your phone, by default.

Hi Kenneth,

  1. Yes my app is updated and I can see all of the apps on the home screen.

  2. Yes I can successfully edit the distraction level if the app shows its icon. But if the app is missing its icon, e.g. Clash of Clans (see my photo), that means it’s absent from the focus score list in Settings/Google Sheets, and when I try to edit the distraction level it just reverts back.

Hi! can you tap here and send me a screenshot with what you see?

@JOHN611 Thank you for your report! We found an issue thanks to you - we are fixing it and it will be solved in the next release of the app, likely mid next-week.

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Thank you for reporting again @JOHN611 . This issue has been fixed in the latest version of the Opal app (v 3.40.5). Make sure your app is updated!

Hey please put the app ‘’Real World Portal’’ as very productive if you don’t find it on the App Store you can find it at:www.jointherealword.com or university.com.

could you please add Memrise, Quizlet, and Goodnotes as productive? thank you :smiley:

Can you add
Alo Moves

Session - Pomodoro focus timer with analytics (stayinsession.com)

@Marco_Riccardo @Emma_Norris @Elang @omelette

Why are apps like google documents, google drive, and ibooks considered to be unproductive? The whole purpose of them is to complete work. I believe that perhaps the focus score would be more effective if we could select which apps are our “working apps” or, at least, there was much consideration going into which apps are used to do work and which apps are distracting/social media esque apps.

I also think that self care apps should be considered productive or, at the very least, should not impact your focus score. Telling people that apps that help their mental health (e.g. diary apps, meditation apps, etc) are unproductive/not good for focus encourages a toxic destructive workflow rather than one that is well balanced. That said, I also think there should be set hours where ones’ focus score cannot decrease in order to encourage time for self care and connection with others. In reality, just like human beings were not built to stare at screens for 24 hrs a day, they were also not built to work (even if it is on paper or something) for 24 hours a day.


As a writer and creative, allowing productivity apps to add to one’s focus score and help incentivize people to use those apps, such as Pages, Scrivener, Procreate, etc. I’d rather not feel punished for using the apps I want to spend my time on.

Thanks so much!


@lilpit can we move these over to Focused?

@Pepper_Joub I agree with you on this. We will review the list and make improvements.


Agreed! We will review the list.

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Could you please also add apps like toggl track and motion (the scheduling app) to focus?


Per the current build, app’s focus ratings are determined by your internal team / inference algorithm. I think it would be beneficial to users if each app’s focus rating was allowed to be manually defined. The reasoning behind this is that productivity is subjective and unique to a user’s goals. A possible drawback of this feature, however, is the possibility of a leaderboard integrity issue. This in my opinion is negligible to the benefit gained by users. [@kenneth]


Thank you for sharing this feedback - and I agree.
Ultimately we would like to build a feedback look into Focus Score, in order for the Score to become an accurate reflection of people’s interpretation of Focus.
We have a workshop with the team in 10 days where we will bring this subject up. Can we interview you? kenneth@opal.so

I propose that users should be able to dedicate which apps are generally used for focused activities as well as which aren’t.
For example, I listen to music or educational podcasts on spotify, so instead of it not moving my focus score, I want to give it a positive focus score.


Make it so Ibooks affects your score positively instead of negatively?