[COMPLETED in v3.1.1] Integration with iOS 16 Focus Filter

I would love to see Opal integrate with the new Focus Filter feature in iOS 16. To expand on this, I could see this working so that I set a specific iOS focus mode to activate a particular Opal app group. This does mean that, in theory, I could quickly turn off the Opal focus session by simply turning off the Focus mode in iOS from control center.

I could see wanting a more strict focus mode for something such as work, but for things like meditation, hiking, reading, fitness, etc I may not need that strict of settings, especially for activities that aren’t scheduled.

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Hi @connerdrew that’s an excellent idea, and we are looking into it. We had this twitter exchange with another gem as well that refers to the same idea.

question for you: we are about to make a change on app blocking to prevent the issue where Apps aren’t returning to folders (details here), I’d love to get your reaction to this change.


That’s me!

Yes, I’d love to see this.

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Of course, I replied the other thread with my thoughts. Hope it helps

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Thanks Conner! Great to have your input.

Welcome! Amazing to have you.

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Also please note - you can already sync your iOS Focus Mode with your Opal sessions.

To do this, head to your Shortcuts app => Automations, and copy the settings in the screen below.

This works as expected today, but there is a way to do a deeper integration with Focus Modes, where the specific group to block could be configured right from within Focus Modes.

For example, here is the Fantastical options when I am in there:

+1 vote from me on proper focus filter support if you can make it work. Shortcuts automation has been super spotty in IOS 15/16.

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This is now done! @here

Update / see how it work on this video!

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