[COMPLETED in v3.1.1] Integration with iOS 16 Focus Filter

I would love to see Opal integrate with the new Focus Filter feature in iOS 16. To expand on this, I could see this working so that I set a specific iOS focus mode to activate a particular Opal app group. This does mean that, in theory, I could quickly turn off the Opal focus session by simply turning off the Focus mode in iOS from control center.

I could see wanting a more strict focus mode for something such as work, but for things like meditation, hiking, reading, fitness, etc I may not need that strict of settings, especially for activities that aren’t scheduled.

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Hi @connerdrew that’s an excellent idea, and we are looking into it. We had this twitter exchange with another gem as well that refers to the same idea.

question for you: we are about to make a change on app blocking to prevent the issue where Apps aren’t returning to folders (details here), I’d love to get your reaction to this change.

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That’s me!

Yes, I’d love to see this.

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Of course, I replied the other thread with my thoughts. Hope it helps

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Thanks Conner! Great to have your input.

Welcome! Amazing to have you.

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Also please note - you can already sync your iOS Focus Mode with your Opal sessions.

To do this, head to your Shortcuts app => Automations, and copy the settings in the screen below.

This works as expected today, but there is a way to do a deeper integration with Focus Modes, where the specific group to block could be configured right from within Focus Modes.

For example, here is the Fantastical options when I am in there:

+1 vote from me on proper focus filter support if you can make it work. Shortcuts automation has been super spotty in IOS 15/16.

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This is now done! @here

Update / see how it work on this video!

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