[COMPLETED] "Medium Focus" Protection: Set fixed number of Breaks, no cancellation

Need more “levels” of focus.

Deep focus → no break

Request medium focus → can take x break every y hour but not cancel.** Would be great if there was a shortcut action for taking a break too.

Light focus → can take break, and cancel session too easily


Thanks for this, it’s interesting, also seems to correspond to this request Focus Setting Break Time - #2 by kenneth

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Hey! Love the app so far. I think one suggestion to the breaks/intentions is to have a setting to set the number of breaks allowed.

So for each session, i can specify [x] amount of breaks before it runs out and I can’t over ride it, somewhere between a deep focus and regular session.


Thanks for sharing! I just added you thoughts to this thread, since the idea is similar.

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I enjoy Opal a lot! Fantastic job developers! I do have a quick question though, would it at all be possible to add in an option for a “one-time exception” in deep focus (with the emphasis on one-time) for no more than 15 minutes? I love using deep focus and do want those apps to be blocked but sometimes (unpredictably), I find myself needing access to an app I set as blocked for 5-10 minutes during deep focus to the point where I have to uninstall opal to get around it. Then, when I reinstall opal, my normal settings aren’t there and I have to reprogram it = a lot of not focusing before I get around to it. I know the “normal” focus mode exists but unfortunately, I do not yet have a will of steel and the wait of one minute between being able to fifteen minute breaks doesn’t deter me :frowning:

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Hey @N_G thanks so much for sharing this! Would this solution work for you => "Medium Focus" Protection: Set fixed number of Breaks, no cancellation

I know I sent you there before but it sounds similar.
Perhaps we can do a level with 1 Break per hour but no cancellation.


There seems to be a bit of back and forth on this…

What is the status with making breaks better? Having the same number of time to set breaks isn’t great.

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@here with the new version of Opal out today (v3.8), you will notice some change for breaks: essentially, with every break you take, you will have to wait longer to take the next break.

1st break: wait 10s,
2nd break: wait 30s,
3rd break and more: wait 60s,
With some randomization.

We also added the same delay before you can edit or cancel a session.

The idea here is to offer diminishing returns to breaks in order to limit to behavior many of you reported which is of using too many breaks.

Have you tested it? What do you think?

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Would love a feature for a 10 minute twitter break ever 3x times a work day. Hard to limited apps for a whole work day right off the bat, think this would be a way to ween off distractions x. Allow rewards for fewer breaks used. Also could make them “earned” by not using distraction app for 2 hours, get 10 minutes of use

Thanks for sharing this

during a session, a time limit on the amount of breaks I can take

Adding this as a gem reported it via customer support

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it would be very useful if we could be able to adjust the waiting period (before starting a session). I feel like 5/6/7 seconds to wait in the beginning is a not a lot.

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We are working on this! it will come in an update shortly.

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Add option in settings to edit amount of times “break” button can be used. And a button to turn it off completely

During my sessions that is not in “deep focus”, I allow myself to have breaks. But, sometimes I have tooo many breaks. It would be great to limit the the amount of break time I can have in a session. So let’s say the session is 6 hours, I would love to customize that I am only allowed to have 30 minutes of breaktime.

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Can you add a quota per session on number of breaks? The increasing time feature is not helpful.