[Completed] Whitelist apps

Instead of selecting Apps to Block, can we Block all apps/websites and whitelist a handful of apps that I use specifically for productive work during study sessions.

Feature Requested By: Leah Sullivan
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I would like to be able to turn on block all apps but whitelist a handful of apps that I use specifically for productive work during study sessions.


Comment By: Amrith Shanbhag

I’d like to use the β€˜All Internet’ feature but whitelist a few crucial apps, like mobile banking and google maps.

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I basically want to give myself a short 20 minute from 4:45 to 5:05 PM window where IG is enabled and the rest of the time it’s blocked how can I do this?

Comment By: Curly Annie

Please! This would be ideal!!

Feature Requested By: Stuart Wilson
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I like to turn off the internet at night, but would love to exclude my meditation and journaling apps.

Feature Requested By: Amrith Shanbhag
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β€œIt would be great to have a whitelist within the block all internet action.” - Rich

Comment By: Curly Annie

This would Be perfect

@joshhawaii wrote
49 App Limit
When I started my free trial it mentioned blocking over 100 apps. I thought that meant I would be able to block more than 49. Is it possible to block more than 49 apps? I have 208 applications according to my phone and would love to be able to block all but a few (Messages, Phone, etc.) for blocking sessions, essentially turning my phone into a dumb phone for the focus session. Did my premium upgrade go wrong or is this a built-in limitation (possibly of the iOS Focus API)?

We are working on a solution for this that will be available in the next app version.

Please let us block more than 49 apps!

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Thanks for sharing! This will be fixed with Whitelisting which should go live in the next 2 weeks.

Whitelist is now available, you can select the whitelist mode on the screen where you choose apps to block. Every app and websites except the one you select will be blocked.