Feedback on New Opal

Now that I can actually use opal, feedback for 3.1

  • love the new design
  • love the new blocking

-what is the countdown for the break? Seems totally arbitrary- what’s the logic and should you add an explanation?
-is there any way to check current session via shortcuts? (I want an automation to start a session if I disable it on the hour)
-or can a better error handling be added if there is already a session in progress? Right now the shortcut just fails

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Thank you for sharing this! Really glad you like the design and blocking. Your feedback, as you see, has been central.

  • countdown for the break: the number is random for now, and I agree we need to add an explanation. This is coming, we’ll follow up (cc @christine)
  • Better shortcuts : Let’s add this as a feature requests, Better Shortcuts , feel free to upvote. We have an update coming next week on Shortcuts + Focus filters Integration with iOS 16 Focus Filter . Will share in Monday’s update!

After a focus session is done my app will return, but it will not go back to the original place where I had it. I have all my social apps in a folder together so for it to just randomly place itself back on my home screen does not work for me. Is there a fix for this?

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Hi @Dakster_Sullivan , yes - are you on version 3.1? If not please update your Opal app from the app store. Once you have done this, you need to re-create the App Group (Apps Blocked) in order for the fix to work. You will need to select apps / websites to block again, and then it will be fixed. Apps Not Returning to Home Screen Folder Issue - #17 by Chris

I have to admit - I wasn’t sure how the new Opal would turn out, given how much I loved the original; I literally couldn’t imagine it getting any better, so my instinct was, if it ain’t broke, what’s there to fix?

But after a few weeks, I have to say, I’m loving it more than I imagined: It’s sleeker, more streamlined, and in many ways more effective (e.g., not needing shortcuts and making blocks apps disappear). I echo the questions above, but otherwise keep up the amazing work, as usual.

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Thanks @Romney_Manassa ! We keep making it better thanks to your feedback. Anything else you want to see in Opal?

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@kenneth Thank you, Kenneth! I think having the option to write an intentionality is worth re-introducing, although I also like the timer approach, so maybe giving folks an option?

Thanks @Romney_Manassa , we just had this request here. Will quote you on their but please upvote! Bring back Intention setting in Breaks