Bring back Intention setting in Breaks

This was mentionned by @joshhawaii

this is from @Romney_Manassa

I definitely like the countdown timer as well. I like the idea of an option.

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I second that. Setting an attention is important before using the internet because it keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Additionally, it would be a good idea that the intentions are saved in a log along with the time spent on the internet and in apps. It’s helpful to keep track of the reasons for internet/app usage as well as the time spent.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. It may connect with this idea A level between deep focus and the default

Perhaps there is a level where you have to write an intention in order to take a break.

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enable a pop up when you open an app to write down your intention. Then, display on a PiP the text entered to remind the user why he opened the app