Missing Pro Features? 49 App Limit, Inactive Widget, and Lack of Intentions?

I have been trying to get this answered via searching the forum, email, and Twitter without a response. I feel like I should be the only one with this issue. There are some advertised Pro features (screenshot below) missing.

–I downloaded Opal over a year ago and just started using it for the first time with the screen time API. It seems like you guys have made a massive leap forward in how the app works and I’m excited for it. I really want it to work well for me and move me towards a more meaningful use of my phone.–

–After writing this set of feedback it seems a little harsh, but my free trial ended without getting an answer and two things on here are advertised as a feature of pro.–

49 App Limit
When I started my free trial it mentioned blocking over 100 apps. I thought that meant I would be able to block more than 49. Is it possible to block more than 49 apps? I have 208 applications according to my phone and would love to be able to block all but a few (Messages, Phone, etc.) for blocking sessions, essentially turning my phone into a dumb phone for the focus session. Did my premium upgrade go wrong or is this a built-in limitation (possibly of the iOS Focus API)?

Inactive Widget
I tried to set up a dashboard of sorts for my evening focus session. The Lockscreen widget shows a countdown, but the Homescreen widet only shows my gem without any information at all. Is this widget supposed to show anything? I would love to see a focus session length and countdown, or at least a minimum “Session in Progress”. Right now it’s just an icon that takes the space of 8 app icons.

Lack of Intentions?
Intentions were listed as a feature, but are nowhere to be found. I loved the idea of typing what I was going to do with a break, so I could keep myself using my phone more intentionally.

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Thank you @joshhawaii for this complete feedback and for taking time to share. We’re thrilled to have you as a PRO subscriber and will do our best to answer. Sorry about the delay, we’ve been having 10x more downloads as of late and are experiencing some delays in support.

=> There is an Apple-limitation currently that means you can block 49 Apps and 50 Websites simultaneously, we just wrote this help center article to make this clearer: Opal FAQ | How do I choose Apps and Websites to Block? (App Groups) (iOS)
That said, I’m going to copy this request over to this feature request, because we do have a potential solution for this 🔥 [High Demand] Whitelist apps - #6 by Opal . Please upvote or add any detail here!

I broke this off in its own feature request: Improve Home Screen Widget

I broke this off in its own feature request:

We had decided to remove this feature due to the fast that many gems were not filling out intentions, but we could bring it back if we see enough people in the community asking for it.