Focus Score does not make sense... 🤔 can someone help?

On my home tab, the Focus Score has qualificatives:
10.0 - “Flow State”. I am killing it!
9.1 - “Deep Focus”. I am doing awesome!
5.5 - “Low Focus”. I am doing avearge.
2.7 - “Very distracted”. I am doing quite bad…
0.0 - Phone down. I am doing terribl… Wait what?

What do you mean I have a focus of ZERO when I am in such flow state with work, cooking, real offline life, that I don’t even remember my phone exist? This should be a focus score of 10/10.

Trying to make sense of it, I check the Score tab. And I see that “offline time” has positive numbers in green… OK so offline time is rightly considered productive. Then why does “phone down” leads to a focus score of zero and not 10???

I checked a specific hour where I was completely offline. 10min offline (+3). Right. OK and the focus score? 3.6/10 “Distracted”. What?

I try to dig in this further and I find examples that are very inconsistent:

One particular hour where I was 56min. 44s. offline (+3), and in 2 pickups (-0.1) I spent 2min. 48s. on a distracting app (-0.7) and 25s. on another (-0.03), I got a score of 10.0/10 “flow state”. OK now that makes sense. I was mostly offline, aka not distracted…

BUT on an another hour where I was 56min. 36s. offline (+3), and in 2 pickups (-0.1) I spent 3min. 18s. on a single distracting app (-0.08), I got a score of 2.6/10 “very distracted”. What?

In the first case, in “flow state”, the numbers add up to+ 2.17 and in the second case, in “very distracted” state, the numbers add up to +2.82, aka higher than in the first case. This does not make sense…

So I want to believe that you are not making mistakes in your calculations, and it’s simply that I am not understanding what the Focus Score actually measure. In which case, can someone solve this puzzle for me?

Yes it has always confused me that phone down = 0!! Hopefully some clarity will be given

@here thank you for sharing. We’re working on something new here and would LOVE your feedback: New Home / Focus Score: Your Feedback?

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Thanks. Will look it up right away. Very responsive :slight_smile:

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let me know if it works better for you now!