How do we prevent turning off 'Screen Time Access'? {SOLVED}

I’m sorry to hear about your experience and the frustration here. Thank you for reporting.

Update: this issue is at the top of our bug list at the moment, looking to fix ASAP.

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At this moment, if you are struggling, you might consider buying a dumb phone (e.g. Nokia 6300 4g, Nokia 2720 4G). They have WhatsApp built-in and it is impossible to install any social media due to the OS used, in this case KaiOs.

Opal is useless currently with all these tricks.

I would prefer the solution of having to pay a fee every time I try to turn off screen time access ($5? $10? custom?). I have found this to be best deterrent in other screen time apps like Cold Turkey. I would assume this could be a setting that can be turned on, but not off during deep focus blocks. I like this solution, because it would not prevent me from accessing the rest of my settings like the current solution that uses an automation (which as we also know has its workarounds).

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Hey Kenneth, please try to fix this Screen Time Access issue. Please! You don’t understand how happy I was when I found out I can fully block my phone using Opal, only minutes later to find out I can turn it off in Screen Time. Please Kenneth! I know you can do it! Nothing is impossible, and being able to do this will be REVOLUTIONARY for your company! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product, you guys just need to do a small touchup on this little feature, and it will be OUTSTANDING! I can not wait to reclaim my life with you guys.


I think this might be impossible to do unless your phone is under real restrictions such as MDM. You have to understand that Apple only allows developer do so much, the best way to do it is has someone else to set the screen time passcode, so that you don’t attempt to unlock it.

See Here:

Similar to app uninstall protection, a feature which doesn’t allow Opal to be unticked below the “Apps with screen-time access” in the screentime section in settings should be added

Hey there,

Happy to help! I’ve merged this request into another community forum post about the same topic. You should be able to prevent yourself from turning off screen time access by following the instructions here and reading through this thread:

I hope that helps!
Team Opal

This does not work. Simple trick still works: getting into settings through wifi or bluetooth in control center and disabling opal in screen time settings.