"Medium Focus" Protection: Set fixed number of Breaks, no cancellation

Need more “levels” of focus.

Deep focus → no break

Request medium focus → can take x break every y hour but not cancel.** Would be great if there was a shortcut action for taking a break too.

Light focus → can take break, and cancel session too easily

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Thanks for this, it’s interesting, also seems to correspond to this request Focus Setting Break Time - #2 by kenneth


Hey! Love the app so far. I think one suggestion to the breaks/intentions is to have a setting to set the number of breaks allowed.

So for each session, i can specify [x] amount of breaks before it runs out and I can’t over ride it, somewhere between a deep focus and regular session.

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Thanks for sharing! I just added you thoughts to this thread, since the idea is similar.

I enjoy Opal a lot! Fantastic job developers! I do have a quick question though, would it at all be possible to add in an option for a “one-time exception” in deep focus (with the emphasis on one-time) for no more than 15 minutes? I love using deep focus and do want those apps to be blocked but sometimes (unpredictably), I find myself needing access to an app I set as blocked for 5-10 minutes during deep focus to the point where I have to uninstall opal to get around it. Then, when I reinstall opal, my normal settings aren’t there and I have to reprogram it = a lot of not focusing before I get around to it. I know the “normal” focus mode exists but unfortunately, I do not yet have a will of steel and the wait of one minute between being able to fifteen minute breaks doesn’t deter me :frowning:

Hey @N_G thanks so much for sharing this! Would this solution work for you => "Medium Focus" Protection: Set fixed number of Breaks, no cancellation

I know I sent you there before but it sounds similar.
Perhaps we can do a level with 1 Break per hour but no cancellation.

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There seems to be a bit of back and forth on this…

What is the status with making breaks better? Having the same number of time to set breaks isn’t great.