Opal is now available on Mac ๐ŸŽ‰

Weโ€™re excited to announce that Opal is now available on Mac!

because your focus deserves unwavering support

Opal has revolutionized focus management on mobile, and now weโ€™re bringing that expertise to the desktop. Your Mac is the command center where ideas flourish and projects come to life, but even the best of us battle distractions there. Not anymore.

more space, more focus, no extra cost

  • Dive into a distraction-free zone with an interface you know and love, now optimized for Mac.
  • Block custom apps and websites that distract you the most, and tailor your digital environment to your personal productivity needs.
  • Extend your Opal Pro subscription to your Mac at no additional cost.

Download Opal for Mac here

celebrating milestones

Weโ€™re also thrilled to announce that weโ€™ve reached over 4,000,000 Opal members, who together have saved a staggering 60,000,000 hours from reduced screen time!
Weโ€™ve took the opportunity to refresh our website so you can see this number evolve in real time.

Happy focusing!


Hey is there any difference between the beta and this one? Should it be updated automatically?

Also wondering?

Hi @Felipe !
Itโ€™s the same app, and the latest version should update automatically

This is great news. However, it seems very flawed that you can just force quit the application in activity monitor to end a session immediately. Can this be stopped somehow?

What about Opal for Windows / PC?