Passcode Lock Opal

I’d be really helpful to be able to lock Opal with a passcode. I use Opal myself, but also for my daughter, however she’ll just open it and change her settings/delete her sessions.

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I can agree that if this app use to manage the children’s device will be nice have a some sort of a protection to prevent the children change the setting.

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Thank you for sharing! It’s great to hear you’re using Opal with your children.

How do you typically use it with them?
Do you have a “School hours” scheduled session planned every day? or "Study time?

Or do you use it any other way?

It would be so great if you needed a passcode to open the Opal app. I don’t want to be able to change the session times I scheduled, when the session is not running. If there was a passcode feature, I could have my buddy set a passcode I don’t know, so I can’t just delete the scheduled session by myself. Please consider adding a passcode feature!

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