🔥 [Planned] A desktop app for Opal 🖥️ (Mac, PC)

The entire blocking session for example. If I start a session to block all social media apps on any device, I would like to see the apps blocked on other devices as well.
As a bonus, the opal app on each device synchronize with each other so if I take a break on one device, it is reflected on the other devices as well

We’d love some help here - any Mac developers out here?

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@kenneth can you guys add scheduled Deep Focus sessions to Chrome? I find myself “taking Breaks” all day yet can’t schedule a Deep Focus session

Opal does look really nice, but until it gets better Mac support, it’s useless for me. Gonna stay with Freedom.


Take the IOS app and port it to windows/mac. Make sure all the graphics transfer over so that it is just as satisfying to use. The chrome extension is absolutely terrible compared to the IOS app. Thanks guys!!


working on it - the initial version will be simpler than the iOS one but we will improve it over time.

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Again Thanks Kenneth, great application so far and I look forward to the future of this company!

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Really looking forward to this!!

Block apps on desktop

Hey, would love a feature to block apps on the desktop version. A Chrome is extension is nice and all, but other desktop apps have much larger feature sets when it comes to blocking applications and websites. For example the “Freedom” app or “Cold Turkey”. For example a white list feature that works across all browsers would be awesome, in addition to full app blocking. Probably a big request. But would he awesome.

Hey there,

We’re definitely interested in implementing this feature! We have upgrades scheduled for 2024 and 2025; stay tuned. You can follow along here:


Hey, I’m dying to have this amazing lock system which is time-based on my computer! Pleaseeeeee! The chrome extension just does not have the same capability of locking you out so you can easily just uninstall the extension.

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Hey Ibrahim,

We’re absolutely interested in this feature and have upgrades scheduled for 2024 and 2025. Stay tuned for updates! You can follow along on this thread that I’ve merged your request into!

All the best,
Sarah @ Opal

Looking forward to the updates! :blush:

Thanks for the feedback and comments!

Spencer B.

Hey! Are you still accepting beta testers? Would LOVE to participate!!! I’ve completed the Typeform thing for if you are :)!

Hello hello :wave:

I’m Jordan and I’ve been using app blockers for the past 10 years. Mostly Cold Turkey but I’ve tried Freedom, SeflControl, 1Focus, AppBlock, Session, and even some of the brand new ones like the OneSec one. I’ve also worked as a software engineer for the last 15 years. All this to say – I know a thing or two about those apps (inside and out).

Here’s what the desktop app is currently missing:

  1. Whitelists – this is not critical on iOS but absolutely a must on desktop. YouTube music (for example) is unusable if you block YouTube.
  2. Centralized Blocklists – when you have a non-standard work schedule and you block apps accordingly, you can end up with a dozen different blocks. Adding a single new app to every block is a hassle. That’s a problem because the sole purpose of time-blocking apps is to be a hassle to open distracting apps, not block them.
  3. Non-Redirecting Blocks – currently, when a website is blocked, the page gets redirected to an opal page. Browsers then save this redirected URL to their session and if Opal was quit in the meantime (or the browser was opened on another device) – this can effectively forget user tabs. Dangerous in cases like a user having (for example) several YouTube links opened as a pseudo “watch later” list → those get redirected → then saved → then the user closes their laptop and tries to watch their list in the evening on an iPad. The solution is to modify the page’s HTML + disable javascript while at the same blocking it by overriding the DNS locally.
  4. Sync – Blocklists, Whitelists, and sessions, I’m sure this is coming, but had to mention it for this list to be complete.
  5. Shortcuts support – lower on the list because it’s less important (and sync will essentially solve this), but still useful. The deep integration with Apple is what makes Opal good.

Hey there,

Thanks very much for your suggestions! I’ve escalated this to our engineers and added your feedback into the existing thread on the Mac app. Stay tuned!

All the best,
Team Opal

If I could add a suggestion for the Mac app.

I imagine there’s already a lot in the pipeline and well done to the team for getting it out.

Something that would be really great is for the app to remain open but not show in the Dock. Once the app is quit it doesn’t keep running so if you have a moment of weakness you can just quit the app. (loom keep the app running in the background and have a little icon in the top bar).

Personally I don’t like to see the app in the dock as it’s a reminder that it’s there and on and I can just turn it off. The beauty is in hiding it I think.


The biggest feature missing for the mac app for me is preventing the app from being terminated, either accidentally or to subvert the block. I’ve accidentally closed it out assuming it would stay running in the background blocking stuff.

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Unfortunately, the feature is not working as expected. Despite Slack’s URL is added for the blocking list on the Mac app, it is still being displayed as well as other websites such as youtube. The feature is not consistently working at the moment.

Thank you for the desktop app!

What is the point of “deep focus” blocking mode if i can just use cmd+q to exit the app.
I’ve done this accidentally even & it will stop all active blocks.

There should be absolutely no way to exit the app at least on “deep focus” mode