Provide ability to customize difficulty settings

There needs to be some kind of middle ground between the Timeout and Deep Focus options–ideally, we need the ability to customize our own session difficulty. I want to be able to leave a session if I need to, and I want to be able to take some breaks. However, the Timeout difficulty makes it TOO easy to leave (the Leave Early option is RIGHT THERE below the option to take a break, when it should be more hidden) and breaks are offered far too frequently. But the Deep Focus option difficulty setting is too restrictive (I can’t take ANY breaks or leave at all).

Each person’s focus needs are different, so we should have the option to shape the difficulty settings in the way that works best for each of us.

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Thank you - would this Ability to Select Timeout Duration work for you?

That would definitely be more useful! As the other poster said, there’s just not enough middle ground between 30 seconds or no break at all.

It would also be useful to bury the option to leave, as it was several months ago, rather than having the button to leave right there under the button to take a break. The fact that they’re both there on the same screen makes it too easy to click on leave early, either intentionally or by accident.