Set an intention before opening an App

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I definitely like the countdown timer as well. I like the idea of an option.


I second that. Setting an attention is important before using the internet because it keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Additionally, it would be a good idea that the intentions are saved in a log along with the time spent on the internet and in apps. It’s helpful to keep track of the reasons for internet/app usage as well as the time spent.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. It may connect with this idea A level between deep focus and the default

Perhaps there is a level where you have to write an intention in order to take a break.


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enable a pop up when you open an app to write down your intention. Then, display on a PiP the text entered to remind the user why he opened the app


This would be great. It’s easy to get sucked into your phone and skip a limit notification. It would be so helpful if intention setting is a required field when you reach a limit, skip a limit, or snooze. The goal is to add another control (mental pause and planning) to the opal process

I would like to see a feature like the one from this app:

When you open a distracting application, It makes you choose between two minutes five minutes or 10 minutes And it makes you “promise” that you’re going to use the app Only for those minutes.

Old thread but just chiming in that “setting an intention” was one of the reasons I installed the app. The main use case for me is my lunch break during work hours, I want to maybe watch a YouTube video or play a game but these activities can easily become a rabbit hole where I spend longer than I wanted to. The time of my lunch break changes depending on schedule and workload for the day so I can’t use a scheduled break in the workday session. Is much prefer to be able to quickly “take a break for X minutes and set an intention” to remind future me that I didn’t sit down to stare at YouTube for an hour.

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I really need this feature, I have ADHD and constantly forget why I opened an app as soon as I see something interesting at the top of my news feed or check my notifications. It would be really helpful to be able to write down what I want to do and then choose to either do it now (and probably need another reminder in a minutes time to check I’ve stayed on task) or save it to be reminded later when my block is over