Start a Pomodoro timer with Opal

UPDATE: please read Opal FAQ | How to start a Pomodoro with Opal


Thanks for writing @JoepHinderink ! Actually we still support Pomodoros! It now works with Shortcuts and takes 1min to set up, please find a how to here: Opal FAQ | How to start a Pomodoro with Opal

Thanks for the fast reply :grin: I know, however, this doesn’t let me use the deep focus ability that makes Opal a good app in my opinion…

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Got it, we will fix this soon with Add Deep Focus as a Focus Filter Setting . We will update you cc @lilpit .

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You can now use this with Deep Focus @here

I usually study from 8am to 1pm, I created the session to stick to those hours. However I would like quick breaks sometimes. I think it would be nice to plan them in advance and let the app notify you. Pomodoro techniques is just one that came to mind, being able to create mine timer that fits with my span attention would be great.


Thank you! have you tried this? Opal FAQ | How to start a Pomodoro with Opal

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I’d love to have an automatic pomodoro schedule for certain times without having to create a new session each time.


I would love to have this feature as well.

Thanks for sharing! I’m sure there is a way of doing this using Shortcuts Automations + Opal FAQ | How to start a Pomodoro session with Opal

If anyone in the community sets it up, please share here!