Turning off screentime access to bypass opal

I followed Opal’s article to set up an iOS automation to redirect Settings app to Opal.

The problem is, when tapping Settings, it still opens for a second before redirecting to Opal. This gives me enough time to quickly tap screen time > turn off opal’s screen time access.

Any way to fix this so it’s truly impossible to bypass Opal?

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I made the automation more complex, for example I let open 3 or 4 other apps (not only Opal) when i try to open settings so that it’s more frustrating and difficult to go on the right settings page and disable the option.


Good idea. Has it been effective? How do I set this up?

Hey! Thank you for sharing ! Do you mind sending a screen time of your set up on shortcuts? We would love to include this option in How do we prevent turning off 'Screen Time Access'? {SOLVED} - #41 by Anton