[Unassigned] Multiple sessions running at the same time

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Is there any way to have multiple sessions running at the same time? I want one season blocking certain apps all day on the deep focus mode, but then another session for the rest of my apps on the normal mode.

I can only see one schedule at the moment and others don’t seem to be active even though they’re at the same time.


I agree, this would be super helpful. I see a lot of scenarios where you’d have overlapping “recurring schedules” for different types of focus times, or as mentioned by Kenneth, wanting to deep focus certain apps but normal focus others.

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Thank you for the feedback here - we are working on this new feature 🔥 [Planned] ⏱ Time Limit / Budget use of distracting apps which will be able to run at the same time as any session.

For example you’ll be able to say
Limit facebook 15min per day
AND at the same time have a “Work Hours” session run that day.

I like the limiting app time and having a planned focus, but I also think you should be able to have multiple focuses that overlap. For example. I was trying to block myself from using social media at all so I made a focus that blocked Facebook/Insta/Snap basically all day. I could have another focus though run during work hours that blocked other distracting apps that weren’t those three social media apps.

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Understood and that makes sense. In the immediate term (should be live next week or so) with App Limits :fire: [Planned] :stopwatch: Time Limit / Budget use of distracting apps what you could do it

  • create an App Limit for a very short amount of time (5m) for Facebook/Insta/Snap, so they will be blocked if you reach that time
  • on top have a focus session during work hours with any additional app.

This is going to be super helpful for me having multiple sessions running at the same time.

I plan to have 1 session blocking the use of my “work apps” after the work day and also another active session running at the same for my “social media” apps.

Can’t wait for this to be available!

We started to release :fire: [Planned] :stopwatch: Time Limit / Budget use of distracting apps as an AB test so a small portion of you are able to test it, but we plan to release it to everyone within the month of January.

Is multiple sessions going to be an active option available in the future? I’d for sure subscribe to a long time pro membership if this became available.

For context: I’d like to have 1 session that blocks my work apps in the evening hours but would also like to setup a social media decompress session that overlaps at the same time.

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I’d like to restrict some via deep focus during the workday (instagram, snapchat) while ALSO restricting other “less distracting / potential news breaking” apps (twitter, reddit) via regular focus. It is my understanding that opal can only run 1 at a time and default to the deep focus only.

Is there an update on this? As it’s the end of January.